Katya Dronova

Nothing to Get Excited About

Sometimes it is strange to observe a society that, against the backdrop of terrible developments in worldwide politics, continues to lead a seemingly normal life in which there is no cause for concern.

In this series I depict people who have come together, are talking or looking at something. Why and where they have gathered – I leave it to the viewer's imagination.

In these, at first glance, light-hearted paintings, the aim is to create a feeling between sleep and awakeness through effectively painted persons, who are illuminated by almost theatrical light.

After Midnight. 2020
Oil on canvas. 100x160 cm
Blood Moon. 2023
Oil on canvas. 280x120 cm
Afternoon. 2023
Oil on canvas. 180x120 cm
12th June, Just Before Midnight. 2023
Oil on canvas. 80x100 cm